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The typical flavors of traditional cuisine of Abruzzo



    The province of Teramo is one that has a secular culinary traditions, faithfully preserved anywhere.
    Among the traditional dishes deserve the top spot the famous "scrippelle m 'busse' or in dry pie, that is, thin pancakes stuffed with cheese in broth of chicken or meat sauce from the oven interspersed.
    Another tradionale dish is made up of "virtues", a soup with vegetables, cereals, various types of pasta and meat.
    Renaissance ravioli of fresh ricotta cheese with sugar and cinnamon, with a light tomato sauce; turkey in jelly "canzanese", which takes its name from the village of Canzano and, above all, "mazzarelle" ie entrails of lamb on the grill with garlic, pepper and parsley, wrapped in leaves and tied with envy budellini.
    A strong point of Teramo gastronomy homemade are the macaroni on guitar, the dough is cut by thin steel wires placed on a wooden frame, similar to a guitar.
    In the tradition of the Teramo coast of the kitchen we find special dishes such as: The broth soup with seafood and various species of fish that are all cooked together.
    The traditions of the shepherds of Abruzzo is linked to the use of lamb and mutton cooked in the oven or on the grill. Widespread throughout the region are the kebabs made from skewers of small scraps of cooked mutton to brace.Come we understand, a tasty and very elaborate cuisine, the ancient heritage.

    To this, we add wines of exceptional quality that have earned the only DOCG in the region and a very balanced climate and you'll understand why it's worth to visit carefully. The wines are Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Cerasuolo, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo and the rare white Monsonico of Val Vomano.

    The rolling hills of Abruzzo, which rise in the Teramo province are full of olive trees and during the harvest period which starts from October 20 until December 10 you prepare a good quality extra virgin olive oil.

    It has spread throughout Abruzzo pork processing with the preparation of delicious sausages and hams.
    The specialties are different than smoked ham of Introdacqua and Canzano, or mortadella from Campotosto, the Torano sausage and Ventricina of Teramo and special liver sausage, often preserved in oil.
    Abruzzo is a land of shepherds and so famous is the cheese fresh or seasoned Abruzzo, and ricotta. Other specialties produced with sheep's milk are: fresh and fragrant junket of Teramo, fresh goat in Farindola.

    One of the most interesting and rich productions are the Crocus sativus flower from which the excellent Abruzzese saffron is produced. The Navelli plateau, between the Gran Sasso and Sirente is the heart of this production. Holy oil, with first-pressing olive oil in which writhes with the well-known chili Abruzzo, prepares the famous traditional holy oil poured into restaurants that makes spicy foods.


    - Chitarra alle vongole
    - Chitarra mare e monti
    - Lasagnette ai frutti di mare
    - Maltagliate allo scoglio
    - Gnocchi ai gamberi
    - Risotto alla pescatora
    - Tagliatelle al ragù di mare
    - Fagottini alla cardinale
    - Chitarrina con zucchine e gamberetti
    - Pappardelle ai crostacei
    - Frittura mista 
    - Passera alla mugnaia
    - Rana pescatrice
    - Guazzetto di pesce
    - Sogliola ai ferri
    - Pesce spada al forno
    - Insalata di mare
    - Salmone alla pizzaiola
    - Impepata di cozze e vongole


    - Chitarra alla teramana (con pallottine)
    - Lasagnette al ragù di carne
    - Tagliolini e fagioli
    - Maltagliate alle verdure
    - Gnocchi al pomodoro
    - Risotto ai quattro formaggi
    - Tagliatelle al ragù di carne
    - Chitarra con zucchine
    - Lasagne al forno
    - Timballo all'abruzzese
    - Mezze maniche ai porcini
    - Rosa di vitello
    - Agnello ai ferri
    - Braciola di maiale
    - Pollo al forno
    - Galletto
    - Scaloppine
    - Coniglio alla cacciatora
    - Spezzatino di agnello